Control Product Consistency with AQA's Specification Management System

Build product specifications, automate product data capture and analysis, and proactively improve supplier performance and product consistency.

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Increase Visibility

Beyond the COA lies a world of production data that you already own. Utilize AQA to let your data talk® and automatically compare your supplier production data to your actual product specifications in real-time.


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Improve Performance

Given the answers you really need, focus on proactive quality improvements by tightening your product specifications, improving consistency and ensuring an ideal guest experience, every single time.



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Save Time

Collect, organize, and analyze all of your production data in one place to seamlessly compare results to specification ranges, focus on outliers, and manage by exception. 

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AQA’s Specification Management System


Stop reviewing every single data-point and collecting COAs when you could be receiving actionable insights into your production data by automating the capture and analysis of your products' actual testing data - allowing you to proactively improve quality and protect the reputation of your brand.



Today, do you really know:

  • Which of your suppliers provide the most consistent product?
  • Which of your products have the most variation when they reach your stores?
  • Which product or supplier is putting your brand at the greatest risk of a food safety incident?
  • Which of your suppliers consistently exceed your specification ranges (and are still being paid)?



The future is in analyzing the chemical, physical, and microbiological testing data for all product shipped to your stores, identifying food safety and quality issues before they ever impact your business, and ensuring your specifications are being met consistently - driving a stronger bottom line and protecting the reputation of your brand.



Learn how your QA department can increase revenues by $1,023,000 through improved supplier management.

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