Streamline Back-of-House Quality Complaints with AQA's Complaint Management System

Receive clear quality information, configure custom communication workflows, and structure your data for real-time analysis.

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Identify Trending Issues

Set custom thresholds to receive alerts whenever repeated or high priority issues occur at the store level - without manually reviewing every single complaint.


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Increase Participation

Incentivize store-level participation with an easy-to-use system that tracks issues and alerts store managers when credits have been approved while receive the data you need to drive product improvements.


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Save Time

Gather complaint information in one simple, centralized, easy-to-access portal that is intuitive enough for store managers, vendors, and internal stakeholders to access, use, and resolve complaints.


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AQA’s Complaint Management System



  • Captures complaints from the browser via computer, tablet, or smart phone
  • Minimizes free form text using structured data fields, streamlining the reporting process while allowing QA exception reporting and data trending capabilities
  • Documents noncompliant product through pictures of products, packages, and labels
  • Notifies headquarters of emerging trends and issues using custom alert thresholds
  • Provides a portal for store managers, distributors, suppliers, and QA departments to easily collaborate, share information, and resolve complaints
  • Structures all data for analysis - proactively directing supplier and product improvement


Whether you're looking to streamline a manual complaint process or consolidate your existing systems under one roof, all of this information can be seamlessly paired with your various data sources to easily visualize data, draw conclusions, and make informed decisions to improve your brand's overall quality and consistency.



Learn how to resolve the 3 most common issues with your restaurant's BOH complaint system.

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