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The Problem with Restaurant Quality Management Systems

A reliable quality management system (QMS) is a vital component of any successful organization, and the specifics of that system will differ greatly depending on the goods and services an organization provides. Within the restaurant industry, while many brands are still utilizing in-house developed processes, proactive companies have opted for more advanced systems from third-party providers to improve the effectiveness of their food safety and quality assurance programs. However, many companies who have used these third-party platforms often end up attempting to apply the standards of one industry to the needs of another, at great expense.

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Is your Data just a Needle in a Haystack?

As your products travel through the supply chain, they collect an invisible trail of test results and data points. Some of these data points are prioritized and captured by your QA team, while others are simply ignored or fall through the cracks.

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The Evolution of Restaurant Food Safety & Quality (Infographic)

At any given restaurant, you’ll find technology being used in every aspect throughout the business. This technology is constantly adapting to make your business run more efficiently, increase your bottom line, and provide your customers with a greater experience than ever before.

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Where Can I Get Those Magic Food Safety Gloves?


I was at a meeting today that finished just before lunch. It was in a recently developed area I’d not been to before, so I decided to pop in to a restaurant and grab a bite to eat before heading back to the office.

It was a beautiful new place, all white tiles and stainless steel with some funky hipster artwork to offset the slightly clinical look. I approached the counter to place my order, and there they were! In use! Right in front of me!

Magic Gloves!

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The 5 Awesome Things I learned at the QA Executive Study Group Meeting - October 2016.


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Passion or Process?


                               What if you were given two options for your QA Team?


An advanced quality and food safety management system, operated by a group of people who don’t understand and don’t care.



A group of highly motivated people who know what they are doing, but are working with a very basic quality and food safety management system.


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Why Physical Specs Matter



Remember your college years? I sure do. Chances are that if you went to college or university you had an after school job if you wanted to make a little extra money to offset the outrageous book costs (or maybe just your night life costs). And luckily, restaurants are always willing to hire college kids.

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