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Loving Farmers' Markets and Animated Lions...Trust Us

When people think of the “Local Food Movement” and how it gets to our kitchen table, some probably envision a tatted-up hipster, with a perfectly coiffed mustache and parted hair, raving about a thousand different ways to use quinoa in your diet. I live in Huntington Beach, California, otherwise known as “Surf City USA.” Each Tuesday the city of Huntington Beach closes down part of Main Street, an area of the city right by the beach, which allows for food vendors and food manufacturers to sell their locally made products. A farmers’ market of sorts, but you can buy other things, too (e.g. paintings, clothing, hipster moustache wax, etc.). However, for the purpose of this story I’m only focusing on the food manufacturers and growers. Although I truly love this movement because it promotes sustainability and local economic growth, as in any food business we run into obstacles along the way. Here are some examples of what I mean:

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