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Where Can I Get Those Magic Food Safety Gloves?


I was at a meeting today that finished just before lunch. It was in a recently developed area I’d not been to before, so I decided to pop in to a restaurant and grab a bite to eat before heading back to the office.

It was a beautiful new place, all white tiles and stainless steel with some funky hipster artwork to offset the slightly clinical look. I approached the counter to place my order, and there they were! In use! Right in front of me!

Magic Gloves!

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Did You Wash Your Hands? (Really?)

Those of us who work in the Food Safety field are inspired and energized by the fact that we know that what we do helps to keep people healthy, and indeed even saves lives.

But what if I were to tell you that most of us are missing a point of focus that has the potential to save a million lives a year and result in a huge reduction in human suffering?

These are not my statistics; these come from reputable scientists. If you don’t believe me, go take a look at all the data on the CDC web site.

You ready?

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