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Is It a Food Recall, or Just Gwyneth?

Let’s be honest for a second: Having media covering your facility is not a part of the daily norm. It likely means one of three things.

1) Someone in your department is dating Gwyneth Paltrow. What? It could happen!

2) Your business is exceeding all stock market expectations, and WSJ and Squawk on the Street are sending their reporters.

3) Something horrible has happened.

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Batten Down the Hatches, It Looks Like a Recall

To a QA professional, the word "Recall,” is one of the most terrifying terms you can hear. Not only is it a highly public ordeal, but the aftermath of a recall can be immeasurable. Here are a few examples of what could happen to you, and your company, if you suffer a recall.


  1. You'll Be Fired
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8 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Started in QA

Ahhh, so you want to be in Quality Assurance (QA)?  WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!? I'm just kidding, but seriously though.... you should consider investing in a good therapist, yoga mat (skip the yoga pants), antacids, coffee maker (don't cheap out--get the good stuff), your local drinking establishment, or whatever else makes you forget the onslaught of daily psychological abuse. Please know that I wear my QA "badge" (it’s really just a lab coat) proudly. However, you need to understand that this job is not a typical 9-to-5. Every day is different, every problem is unique, and people burn out so fast it'll remind you of your college freshman seminar speech (remember the one where the Chancellor says, "look at the person to your left and right, as one of them will not make it after year one?").

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