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Actionable Quality Assurance Partners with Sisense to Provide Leading Food Safety Business Intelligence

Actionable Quality Assurance Announces Customer Success with Church’s Chicken

The 3 Biggest Problems With Restaurants' Back-of-House Complaint Systems (& How to Fix Them)

The Problem with Restaurant Quality Management Systems

Is your Data just a Needle in a Haystack?

Managing QA from the C-Suite

So, You’re QA Director... Now What?

Big Data – Linking Restaurants & Food Safety

Are Consumers Redefining Food Safety?

The Evolution of Restaurant Food Safety & Quality (Infographic)

Where Can I Get Those Magic Food Safety Gloves?

The 5 Awesome Things I learned at the QA Executive Study Group Meeting - October 2016.

From Farm to...Chopsticks?

Did You Wash Your Hands? (Really?)

Passion or Process?

AQA Finalist for 7th Annual Cade Museum Prize for Innovation

GFSI Scoring - The Good, the Bad, & Are We Ready For a New Scoring Method?

I'll Be There For You--In Quality Assurance

Why Physical Specs Matter

FOOD -- You're Not Going To Believe What Happens Next

Timing is Everything - GMOs Part III

Misconceptions About Food QA Professionals (and Monkeys)

First, Do No Harm - GMOs Part II

National Restaurant Association QA Executive Study Group

What Does GMO Mean in the QA World? Part 1 of 3: Labeling and Certification

What You Should Really Worry About

What is a Product Specification Compliance (PSC) Program?

AQA Accepts the Challenge at Florida Innovation Hub

Loving Farmers' Markets and Animated Lions...Trust Us

Is It a Food Recall, or Just Gwyneth?

Bottom Line in QA? Hang on to Eurasia

How Technology is Changing the QA World--Or Not

Software Should Be Eating the Food Supply Chain

Binder? What binder? There's a BINDER?

Is It Just Me, or Is Our QA Department Shrinking?

Batten Down the Hatches, It Looks Like a Recall

8 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Started in QA

How to get the Most out of the NRA Supply Chain Executive Study Group

Restaurant Best Practices for Allergens

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