The AQA Team:

    The brightest minds and most experienced leaders from food science and software technology have come together to create the only food safety and quality assurance software designed specifically for the restaurant industry. 



Eric Graves

Eric Graves

Founder & CEO

Eric graduated from Northwestern University in 1986 and earned his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 1989. He has owned several successful business ventures that served clients primarily in the southeastern US.

The idea for Actionable Quality Assurance was developed while he was the owner and CEO of ABC Research Laboratories, a food testing laboratory in Gainesville, Florida, where he recognized the need for a comprehensive solution to the fragmented state of most quality assurance programs.

In 2015, Eric sold ABC Research Laboratories in order to concentrate fully on bringing Actionable Quality Assurance to market.

He lives in Gainesville with his wife Kristine and their dogs. When he’s not working on the big picture, he’s running, cooking, or boating.

John King

John King

Chief Operating Officer

John King joined AQA in 2016 after mentoring the company in the UF affiliated start-up incubator, Innovation Hub.

John is a seasoned business executive experienced in information technology, business operations and entrepreneurial start-ups, who spent many years with IBM as a National Manager of Public Sector. He also managed the operations of BDM Technologies as the Vice-President for Business Development in the State and Local Government business unit.

John has served as the President and CEO of Water & Air Research, an environmental engineering company providing biological services for projects as encompassing as the Deep Water Horizon oil spill, and has led or operated at the founding level in five information technology-based companies, such as MarCon Global (now Clinipace) as the founding CEO, Quantitative Medicine, a big data analytics company using predictive analytics for early stage drug discovery as CEO, and Senior VP of Marketing for Perth Leadership Institute, which applies behavioral economics to corporate leadership assessment.

John created Mach 2 Leak Detection LLC to apply wave propagation principles to leak detection on manufacturing lines for soft packaging of food and beverages, and is the Board Chairman for AzPure, a company applying plasma energy to sanitize and disinfect surfaces.

Bruce Perkin

Bruce Perkin

Strategy Consultant

Bruce is a Strategy Consultant for AQA. He comes to us from Yum! Brands, where he was the Chief R&D Officer for Pizza Hut. With post-graduate qualifications in Nutrition, and a Bachelors of Science with majors in Pharmacology and Biochemistry from the University of Melbourne, where he graduated in 1978. Needless to say, he brings an extraordinary skill set to AQA.

Bruce has worked with many of the world’s largest food companies, starting with H.J. Heinz as a Chemist, and moving on to Uncle Ben’s Inc., MasterFoods Pty Ltd., Mars Corporation, and Yum! Brands. His roles included Department Head Quality Assurance, Product Development Manager, Brand Manager, Production Manager, Research and Development Director, Marketing Director, and Chief Technical Officer. He has been a professional member of IFT for over 20 years, and is a Certified Food Scientist.

His career has taken him around the world, and his work has influenced the development of various food products that are made and sold in many different countries. He has also led the global long-term research program for MasterFoods, where he established and coordinated technology platform development in the USA, Europe, UK and Australia.

As expected, he has a passion for great food, as well as a gift for understanding, sharing, and leveraging the science that underpins what makes great food organoleptically satisfying and safe to eat.

Bruce is married with 3 children, and lives in Texas. In his spare time he enjoys running, traveling the world, cooking, eating, pursuing the ideal espresso coffee, live sports and performances, and playing baseball with his son.

Yuly Virviescas

Yuly Virviescas

Business Development Director

Yuly has 5 years of experience developing and managing successful client business relationships. She began her professional career at ABC Research Laboratories as a Client Services Representative before being promoted to Business Development Specialist and later to Program Manager with the burgeoning AQA development team.

Yuly’s background in laboratory food testing proved advantageous in understanding the extraordinary challenges quality assurance departments face, as well as the limitations of existing laboratory data management systems. Yuly worked with scientists and industry professionals to gather important information that served as the groundwork for the Actionable Quality Assurance software, and was an integral liaison between scientists and AQA’s web developers.

After ABC’s successful sale, Yuly followed her entrepreneurial spirit and joined Actionable Quality Assurance as the Business Development Director. She is particularly excited about innovating food science through emerging technology in a company that shares the same vision and is determined to help solve the problems our clients face, creating a safer food supply chain for all.

Yuly received a bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Florida. She is working toward an MBA from Chapman Graduate School of Business at Florida International University and specializing in negotiation strategy.

Yuly is fluent in Spanish, English, and Quality Assurance. When she’s not busy solving her clients’ dilemmas or studying, you can find her skating by the beach in Miami, Florida with her husband.

Headshot of Jacob Rabb

Jacob Rabb

IT Manager

Jacob Rabb is an expert in leading edge technology. His skills in programming and communicating, along with his excellent flexibility, make him well suited for a startup environment.

Jacob has four years experience working on web programming, big data, and digital marketing. At the University of Florida, Jacob spent countless hours doing complicated programming projects for his courses, such as modifying an operating system and creating a compiler from scratch.

Prior to joining AQA, Jacob received his Master’s degree from the University of Florida. He also worked for Gator Information Systems, a startup concerned with gathering semi-structured and unstructured data on the web.

Jacob lives in Gainesville, Florida and teaches a programming class at the University of Florida.

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