The AQAScore®

    Make every purchasing decision an informed one by checking a supplier’s AQAScore® first!

AQAScore® provides you with an at-a-glance look at your suppliers’ compliance records. This objective, numerical score allows you to compare suppliers against one another, or view a supplier's performance over time.

The AQAScore® is derived from:  

  • Certificate maintenance
  • Compliance level of specification testing
  • Response time for corrective actions 
  • And more...

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Specification Management

    Tighten your specifications to generate savings. Let AQA monitor your specifications to detect upcoming problems before they happen.

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Manage by Exception

    Don't let yourself get caught up in due dates for audits, documentation, and corrective action responses. Manage by exception with AQA! AQA is fully configurable so that your suppliers get notifications and reminders based on your schedule. When someone misses a due date, AQA alerts you and begins the process of getting the problem solved.

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